1. Robert

    Hey Chris, Calcium is an often raised subject. Many do not realize that many leafy greens, legumes (nuts) fruits and seafood are great sources of calcium. One more point. A typical diet needs up to 1500 mg of calcium. The body can only absorb 500 at a time. Any thing over that is excreted. Spread out your calcium intake, whether by food or supplements. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. Robert

  2. Robert

    Paleo was a form of discovery for me. I can not claim strict adherence but the values, as you point out, can be wonderful. Thanks for taking the time to share. I wish you well, Robert

  3. braxa0103@gmail.com

    This was really interesting.

    As someone who has recently decided to take my health more seriously, it can be incredibly confusing, when trying to work out which diet to follow.

    I have noticed a significant improvement in my health when making the decision to reduce my meat and dairy intake but I have never really considered the negative impact that sugar is having on my overall well-being.

    Your post breaks down the fundamental elements of the paleo diet and i think that anyone who is looking to improve their health will get an enormous amount of value from this information.

  4. Chris

    I was actually talking to someone the other day about this diet and they seemed to think that you wouldn’t get important nutrients eating Paleo and also without dairy, I won’t get enough calcium. What do you feel about these statements – do you feel she was well off the mark overall?

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