1. Stan

    Although your intent was to investigate and inform you didn’t investigate enough thus making your conclusions faulty. By law companies have to broadcast video content OTA making at least 85% of programing legally and freely obtainable.I believe the difficulty of receiving the signal accounts for the 85% figure otherwise it would be higher. Pirated movies only shown in movie theaters is the one area that is grey as pay per veiw is on cable tv but if movies are broadcast on planes they may well be broadcast OTA. This content is streamed legally through third parties to be accessed by Tickbox. Hightech antennas that can pickup the ultralow frequency get the content for free with out the Tickbox. Cable companies frown on this competition and will say most content is pirated when it is not. Tickbox may have some faults that stem from the type of internet provider used and the red tape involved in obtaining a refund but nothings perfect. Kodi as long as its updated ( Tickbox does it daily) is full of content. I don’t own Tickbox but I do receive third party streaming form other sources such as Firestick and Tor browser but I believe Tickbox with its keyboard and controller and apps should consolidate and simplify the viewing experience as a cable competior option.

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