1. Hi Dottie, Thanks for reaching out. It sounds like you talked to an operator from the Beachbody company. They are the people who sell Tai Cheng. If you want to get the DVD’s from Amazon.com I don’t think you even have to talk to a person. Just place your order and they send it to you. No extras. Here is a link if you want to check it out. http://amzn.to/2tBkMsT. I know you will like the program. On May 1st we updated our report for 2017. Time Health, a part of Time Magazine, said that Tai Cheng (Tai Chi) may be better than Cross fit training. You are going to like it. Again, thanks for your comment. Give Amazon a try. Wish you well, Robert

  2. Dottie

    I was going to order the Tai Cheng exercise discs. It got good reviews. I thought, Why not? After I gave all my information the operator informs me it includes starting a nutritional supplement, which they’ll include free the first time. Then I’ll have to call and cancel if I don’t want them to keep sending it and charging my credit card. It also includes a SECOND program of telephone or online support (I wasn’t sure) that I would have to call and cancel or, you guessed it, they would keep charging my credit card. I didn’t want any of that and decided this was a scam and cancelled my whole order so this wouldn’t happen. I don’t want to order anything that’s going to automatically put monthly charges on my credit card until I’m able to get it cancelled. I’m really disappointed. What do you think of that? She was saying it real fast at the end and I almost missed it in “the fine print.”

  3. Hello Kathy Joe, Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. While I can not speak to your specific issue, this program has shown remarkable results. It is best described as a slow motion stretching exercise. Following the program, over time, will allow you a wider range of motion, more strength as well as better balance. Because the plan comes with a money back guarantee, I encourage people to at least given the plan a chance. I wish you well.

  4. Kathy Joe

    I am very interested in ths program. However, I have sciatica and a herniated disc. I have been having trouble with strength and balance since I was diagnosed. Will this program be beneficial for me also. It’s horrible because I am only 47 and feel like 60. So hard for me to even get out of bed some days. Thank you for your time.

  5. Hello Karla, I’m glad to hear you are looking into Tai Cheng. I have never heard the comments you mention. I understand that Beachbody, the company that sells the program currently has an unusual offer. You can see all of their programs for free for thirty days. Log into their website to see the details. The standard offer for Tai Cheng does have a 100% money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

    Should you choose to try the program, you will do so without risk. Hope this helps. Do well, -Robert

  6. Karla

    I am very interested in buying this program; however, other reviews I have read on Amazon describe how the DVD is full of ads that try to sell you other products, and that it is very frustrating to have to watch or scroll past those somehow. Is this really the case? Also, is the quality of the DVD top notch? Or grainy, poor quality, etc. I’m hesitant to spend the money and a poor quality program full of ads.

  7. Hi Mary, Thanks for taking the time to read our article. I do recommend Tai Cheng for seniors. I am one myself and the program is wonderful. Very low impact exercise that improves balance, motion and strength. Perfect for what you want. Your mother will not be disappointed. I might add that I am not an affiliate of Beachbody or Tai Cheng. I wrote this article because it’s a great product. I wish you well. -Robert

  8. Hi,
    Wanted to know if you would recommend Tai Cheng for someone who is 60+ years old? I plan on getting this program for my mom. She is an active person and currently doing some yoga. But would love for her to have something to strengthen her core as well. Thanks!

  9. Hi Jeannie, I think you’re going to like the program. If it’s quick and easy you want, then just order from Amazon. Here is a link. Click and oder. There are two options. Standard and Deluxe You’ll get it all when you click. http://amzn.to/2gdcuUP. Wish you well. Robert

  10. Jeannie

    I want to just order this in full and not be trapped into additional products at a cost. I just want the full set and pay in full now. I don’t like to get tied into “well you can cancel at any time” been there done that and it is a nightmare. So please tell me how I can just order the product as seen on tv with Regis Philbin (for senior). If you do not offer that then purchasing from beachbody in not for me.

  11. Hi Eugene, Thanks for your interest in Tia Cheng. I am sorry I don’t have a positive answer for your Ireland question. My initial thought is they have payment problems from Ireland, but that is only a guess. I can only suggest contacting support at their website and see if they have a solution. This link should get you there. http://bchbody.life/2dtBIMG I wish you well. Robert.

  12. Eugene

    i would like to study Tia Chen in Ireland but i cant order it online only UK or USA can you help please


  13. Sheryl, Thank you for reading the article. Your questions get fairly technical. It might be best that the answers come from your doctor. As a student of tia chi, you will understand that many moves may fall into the categories listed. I believe however that your ‘risky moves’ inside of Tai Cheng can be bypassed. Simply skip them.

    The value of the program comes from increased stretching and flexibility. From that comes strength and stamina. All are goals many senior would like to achieve. The magic is to achieve them without the high impact of such things as running. I wish you continued recovery.

  14. Sheryl

    I have been a fan of tia chi for many years. In the last 6 months I have had 2 total hip replacements(right & left). With this for the rest of my life I have adhere to hip precautions so I do not dislocate. Do you show movements with these precautions in mind? No bending more than 90 degrees, no pivoting/twisting/spinning in place on one leg, no leg cross overs, feet twisting/pointing inward. Thank you for your time.

  15. Hello Catherine, So nice of you to share your concern. The short answer would be yes. There are movements that require squatting. The good news is you can bypass any movement that is not possible because of your circumstances. Tai Cheng is a wonderful low impact program that finds value in stretching exercises the grow continually more challenging over the 90 day period. You will find increased stamina, strength and agility.

    I would be surprised if you did not meet you goals even when considering certain limitations. I strongly recommend this program to my senior friends. As with anything that involves your health, if you have concerns, consult you doctor. I wish you well, Robert.

  16. Catherine

    I am a 71-year old woman with double knee replacement. I would like to try this program but am wondering if it will require my knees to be on the floor and squats at any point?

  17. Hey Harry, Thanks for checking in here at HealthyLivingAfter60.com. So sorry to hear of the surgeries. It has to be difficult to manage life with the obvious pain you experience. I hope that you will soon have it all behind you. As to Tai Cheng, it is a program that begins with stretching to improve range of motion and balance. The increasing low impact motions build strength and stamina. As to your Taekwondo success, I applaud you. That is an incredible accomplishment. With that in mind, I am certain you will find Tai Cheng a program you can do. The goals you set for balance and strength play right into the core value of Tai Cheng. I alway remind those beginning Tai Cheng of the 90 day money back guarantee. If your conditions makes the program ineffective, simply ask for your money back. One last point. Be sure to ask your doctor if you can engage in this type of physical activity. I wish you well, Robert

  18. Harry Barber

    Haven’t tried the program yet but want to I’m a 55 year old 3rd degree black belt Taekwondo had numerous surgeries on my lower back back in the late 90s,surgery on my neck back in February now I’m having surgery again on my lower back again after this I’m all like to try the program and see how it helps me out through pain ,balance ,strenght

  19. Hi Joan, Thank you for your question. I hear it often. While I do not know how well you can stand, or your mobility, I know that Tai Cheng exercise is very suitable for many with your condition. If you have the motivation to try a program,and are willing to attempt the various no impact motions, this is a wonderful plan. I always remind my readers of the 90 day money back guarantee. The only money at risk is the cost of shipping. While I recognize that Regis is paid to promote this program, I know he is honest in his endorsement. I do not get paid for my endorsement but I do recommend that seniors truly interested in an exercise program give Tai Cheng a serious look. I am confident that you, like many others, will see a healthy improvement. Thank you again, I wish you well, Robert

  20. Joan Cooper

    I am a 75 year old woman, 50lbs over weight. I have severe osteoarthritis of my knees and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2011. I am wondering if this program would be good for me,specially my knees?
    Thank you for you for your input.
    Sincerely Joan Cooper

  21. Hi Vivian, Thank you so much for your question. I am always happy to hear of others who are interested in better health and fitness. I don’t know for certain what demo DVD’s might be available. What I do know is the program has a full 90 day money back guarantee if it does not meet your expectations. What’s even better is the new price. Just $60 plus shipping. The Shipping is not refundable if you choose to return the program.

    What I recommend is to give Tai Cheng a call at their toll free number, 1-800-404-3881. The parent company is Beachbody and they have wonderful people there to help. These are not ideal words. I make nothing from the company. I have written my review because I believe Tai Cheng to be a great product. It offers lasting effects for the readers of HealthyLivingAfter60.com

    Lastly, they also have an online addition of Tai Cheng. It is a subscription plan and the program has access to online videos rather than DVDs. You may be able to see a video by the online program. Ask when you call them. Thanks again for stopping by. I wish you well. Robert

  22. Mr. Pickus, Thank you for your comment . As you know, your symptoms associated with NPH are only a sample of the many possible symptoms. I can not say if the balance issue will improve because it is caused by a medical condition. I am wondering if you are seeing more strength and stamina from the program? The bottom line for the refund rests in whether you believe the plan is beneficial. If you do not think it’s helping you, by all means apply for your refund. You have 90 days. I wish you well. -Robert

  23. leon pickus

    I am 84 years young, but have NPH, which affects my balance. i cannot stand very long on one foot. I have the Kit but cannot do some of the moves because of the balance problem. Will my balance improve or should I conclude that this program is not for me and request a refund? Thank you.

  24. Hi Ann, So happy you are going to give the program a try. From my understanding, You should be able to begin the program. Start slow. Do the exercises of slow stretching movements. I think you’ll find it will help. Don’t forget the program’s guarantee is 90 days. Plenty of time to know if you are able to do it. Also happy to hear you are talking to your doctor. I wish you well. -Robert

  25. Ann

    I have a lumbar and cervical fusion, also osteoarthritis, osteopenia, and degenerative and herniated disc in lumbar area and also lumbar stenosis. With these problems, would I be a candidate for tai cheng. I did order but will cancel if u feel I am not a candidate. I will check with my m.d. Also on next visit.

  26. Hi Sherry, It’s great to hear you and your husband are exercising together. The floor area does not need to be large. It’s an estimate, but if you are both doing the program at the same time, you might want six square feet each. As to a ‘jelly roll’ thing, try Amazon.com. They have nearly everything. Just don’t buy Chi Cheng there, it’s to expensive. The price is the lowest at the website. Stay well, Robert.

  27. Sherry Cole

    My husband & I will be doing this together. How much floor space will we need, total? How do we get an extra ‘jelly roll’ thing?

  28. Thanks Warren, Glad you read the article. Every one has a limit. For many, this is a good buy. For others, their money may be betters spent else where. I appreciate your input. Do well, Robert

  29. Yes you can, and thank you for visiting HealthyLivingAfter60.com. This program only requires a television and a DVR. You watch the program DVD’s as you do your work out. There is second option available when you call the 800 number to order. It has the option of watching from the internet. It would require a computer with an internet connection. You will need to check with the nursing home to know if internet is available. I hope this helps. I wish you well. -Robert

  30. Hi Sharon, I’m glad to hear your on the mend. I hesitate to say yes or no. I’m not a doctor and don’t know your specific situation. What I can say is Tai Cheng is a low to no impact program. The exercises are almost done in slow motion if you chose or need to work slowly. There is benefit in the motion. Primarily the stretching.

    If you choose to give this program a try, remember it comes with a full 90 day guarantee. With your back ground in Jujisu, I would think this is something you can do. I would urge you to proceed with a degree of caution. I wish you well. Robert

  31. Sharon Howe

    Hi Robert:
    I am 71 and had double bypass surgery and valve replacement in April, 2016. I had a knee replacement on the right knee twice. I do not have good range of motion with this leg and I am 40 lbs. over weight.

    I am in a exercise program at the hospital but feel like I am not progressing well. I was in Jujisu for many years when I was younger amd have been thinking of tai chi for a couple of months now.

    The goal of cardio rehab is to strengthen muscles and breathing. Do you think this program would be a good fit for me?

  32. Hi Teresa, Thank you for your visit and interest. Yes you can have everything. You can do it two ways. First, if you made note of the phone number or web address you can call or log on.

    Second. You can log in by clicking this link. https://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/tai-cheng-workout.do or call 1-800-715-9058 from the United States.

    If you call, explain to the support staff what you saw and which plan you would like to have. There are other choices if you would prefer to do the videos on line rather than by DVD’s.

    The phone support is awesome. I wish you well, Robert

  33. Teresa Lumbreras

    I saw in the early morning. I want to try. I want to get all the Free Bonus shown in TV. Can I have them?

  34. Hi Rebecca, The short answer is, I’m not sure. My understanding of a stroke and associated loss of movement, is it’s an issue with damage done in the brain during the stroke.

    I would not expect the program to change that. What it may very well do, is strengthen the other muscles to off set the weakness in the stroke effected areas. Beachbody is the parent company for Tai Cheng. They are serious about their guarantee. Try this link https://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/tai-cheng-workout.do They have an online version that gets you in for very little and a full 90 days to decide if it works.

    Wish you well, Robert

  35. Rebecca

    Can this program help someone after a stroke who walks with a cane but doesn’t have full movement in the right side?

  36. admin

    Hi Barb, That is a great question. I did some checking, and here is how it can work. Go to http://www.teambeachbody.com/. (that is the parent company) Create an account. You will see ‘not a member’ at the top right. Click and follow the prompts. You can join all their base programs including Tai Cheng for a subscription price of $2.99 per week paid quarterly. You get thirty days free to see if you like it. The videos will all be online. As long as you have access to the internet, you will be able to see the videos. Note, they have a lot of exercise plans including personal coaching. Take a good look at the website. Do well, Robert

  37. Barb

    Is it possible to get this program other than on DVDs. I’d like to use it on my iPad or smartphone.

  38. Hi Debbie, Thanks for coming by. Tai Cheng is a low or no impact exercise. It begins with simple stretching and motion exercises. I often refer to it as martial arts moves done in super slow motion. I am certain the program will help you achieve greater mobility with little pain. As you progress through the program, you will begin to see weight loss. I wish you well in your recovery.

  39. Debbie

    I am a 62 year old woman, very overweight and had a hip and knee replacement and will be having the other side done too…would I be able to do the seniors and healing workouts…and can I buy just those dvd’s??

  40. Hi Jane, Thanks for your interest. And the short answer is yes, you can do this. You never have to get on the floor if you choose to not do those exercises. The program is much like martial arts in slow motion. It is moving and stretching. I think, that over time, you’ll see your mobility improve to the point of getting down and back up with little trouble. If you choose to try the program, you’ll have a great money back guarantee. If it is the wrong thing, or doesn’t work for you, you get your money back.

    If you are going to buy, go through the company direct. It will save you money over Amazon.com. One of the rare times Amazon is higher. I wish you well. Let me know how it works out. Robert

  41. Jane

    I am a woman in the 70’s, overweight, but own my own business and work full time. I want to get into better shape and have more flexibility and mobility. This seems to be a good approach. However, I cannot easily get up and down off the floor. Can I still do this and will it help – or should I find something else? Thank you.

  42. Hi Mary Anna, I am glad you came by. The program is a slow, mild movement and stretching exercise. It will do wonders for balance and dexterity. How it will impact your shoulders, I do not know. If you are trying to find an exercise plan, remember that Tai Cheng has a full, money back guarantee. It covers the 90 days the plan is designed to take from start to finish. Visit the Tai Cheng website and see the videos. I imagine you will like what they have to offer. Heres the link. https://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/tai-cheng-workout.do
    I wish you well, Thank you again for taking the time to be here.

  43. Mary Anna Williamson

    I am a 68 year-old female,not overweight, and I walk 3 or 4 miles. 4 or 5 days a week, I have scoliosis and need two shoulder replacements related to my work as a drapery (and accessories) seamstress. It is strenuous work. I have learned how to continue to use my shoulders and back in the least painful ways. I cannot afford to take the time off after a shoulder replacement since I work for myself and would lose my customers. Do you think that I could do this program with some modifications and that it might help my back and shoulders become more flexible? Thanks for your reply.

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