1. Hi Linda, Thanks for checking in here. Tai Cheng will have various plans and offers through out the year. I have heard from readers who have called the toll free number and are sold more expensive products. A normal practice for many businesses. They call it an up sell. The Amazon.com offer runs around $75 all the time. It is called the base kit. It is a DVD plan with manuals. The offer you saw may be a web based plan. You will need an internet connection to watch the videos. You will most likely receive the manuals as ebooks. Here is a link to Amazon if you want to compare what is included in the offers. http://amzn.to/2tmZ9hh . I hope this helps. I wish you well. Robert

  2. Lynda Failla

    the tai chang program is advertised omtv for 3 payment s of 19.99 why is it differernt here?

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