Swimming Exercises For Seniors

Are you thinking about exercise? Is a good cardio workout in your plans? Swimming for exercise may just be what the doctor ordered.

But it’s more than that. Senior swimming workouts will have benefits many have not considered.

Quality time at the gym or having a great home workout while watching the news, both involve the one thing most do not enjoy. Sweat. Going to the towel several times a  minute does nothing for enjoyment.

It hasn’t always been that way.

Do you remember Richard Simmons, and Sweating To The Oldies? Yeah, it was a popular home exercise program designed for weight loss. Richard Simmons was weight loss’s biggest advocate.  

His personal story was that of a fat kid bullied by other kids. He went on a life long mission to help others lose weight. The sweating part was proof you were working hard.

Even a mere two and a half hours a week represents a lot of sweating. If the work out plan has three sessions a week, it equates to nearly an hour per session.

Try Swimming For Your Exercise. The Ultimate In A Low Impact Workout.

The best part is the entire one hour session is spent with continual refreshment.  Being submerged in water eliminates the discomfort of perspiration. Anybody who has spent even a few hours in a gym, know about sweat.  How many others have you seen with soaked shirts and sometimes shorts.healthy-image-logo-swimming

The cool down period of a gym workout can be as long as thirty minutes. At home it generally means a shower. Swimming doesn’t need it. Maybe a quick rinse but that’s more for chlorine than for hygiene.

As with any exercise plan, it is wise to talk with your doctor before beginning. For us over sixty types, medical conditions are more the norm than the exception.

Cardio from swimming makes sense. But cardio is only one of the benefits of a swimming program. Depending on your current health, swimming will exercise every muscle group in the body.

If limited mobility is your condition, just walking in water can show great results.

Where Are The Benefits

Usually, those going into a swim program think of their arms and legs. That’s good but there is a lot more to it.

The core body is the center of flexibility. The core muscles extend from top to bottom. They include wrapping around what so may like to talk about. The six pack. Your abs. Working the core is vital for a well rounded exercise program. Swimming can accomplish it.

How About Glutes?

Pop quiz. What’s a glute? I know. We’ve heard of glutes but do we really know what one is? Here’s clue gluteus maximus. Thats right, it’s the butt. But actually it is more than that.

Glutes are said to be the strongest, most powerful muscle group in the body. Their focus is in the hips and surrounds the center. The buttocks in the rear while wrapping around to include the pelvic area.

Swimming exercises the whole body. Arms. legs, glutes and the body core. The great thing about swimming is control. Do you want a stronger work out? Increase speed. Fatigue setting in? Slow down.

Where Do We Swim?

It would be nice if all we had to do walk out to the back yard. For most of us, that’s not an option. If you live where there is a community pool, the problem is solved.Healthy-image-swimming-senior

Many apartments and condominiums have just such a pool. Weather permitting, a quick fifty to sixty minute workout is easy and the benefits are great.

What’s nice about living in big cities is the park and recreation facilities available. It is not unusual that a city will have a pool especially for city residents. For seniors, the first thought is a pool full of children. Kids are the ones who get the most use out of a city pool.

Seniors might find that a city pool workout is best done in the early morning. You will beat the rush of younger swimmers who generally don’t show up until mid day.

Lastly is a membership at a local YMCA. While not every city will have ‘Y’ facilities, for those that do, it’s the place to go.


For seniors, swimming is a serious option for a healthy exercise plan. The physical efforts of swimming covers it all. Want cardio? Check.  Want low impact? Check. Want aerobic? CheckLooking for strength? Check. Want to build stamina? Check.

Swimming covers all of it. Before you grab your swimsuit and goggles, be sure to talk to your doctor about what and what not to do. If you have been sedentary or have heart issues, get cleared for any exercise you’re considering.

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  1. Hello Helen, Glad to read your comment. And also happy to hear you have access to a pool. Swimming is such a great way to stay fit. Especially for those of us who have seen….lets just say younger days. Stay healthy, Robert

  2. Yes swimming is great. Add to it aquarobics (aqua aerobics) and you have it all. Although we live in a very small community we do have an indoor sports centre with a 25m swimming pool. And two days a week all we ‘old farts’ get together and do aquarobics. It’s great fun and way to socialise while getting fit through water supported exercise.

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