1. Hey Shawn, Thanks for your kind words. You have made the right decision. The show is pretty persuasive. They know what they’re doing. A lot of people pull out credit cards only to find great disappoint when they get to the 3 day course. Wish you well, Robert

  2. Shawn

    Hi Robert,
    Thank you and the other commentator for this very useful information. I signed up to attend a Snap Flip event tomorrow and a scheduling conflict came up today which had me deliberating about going to the event or my appointment. So glad I decided to look up these guys and their event. I too got the emails and calls reminding me to attend but based on this information I will go to my other appointment. Great job of helping the “buyer beware”!

  3. Hey Linda, That is an amazing report. Glad you had the courage to do what you did. I think we’re getting the idea. It’s a great presentation. It’s to bad that a lot of people are falling for it, and pulling out their credit card. The $1200 is only the beginning. The pressure to buy more training is intense. Finding and putting a deal together is hard work and takes a lot of time. To not have them fund it is criminal. As the McCorkle’s found out. Thanks for weighting in. We hope others take the time to read your comment. Do well, Robert

  4. Linda Bryant

    This is a scam. About 20 years ago there was a TV RE Get Rich use their money not yours. It was a husband and wife team. William McCorkle & wife Chantal. I signed up for that program, and found a property that fit all their requirements for funding but no matter what I submitted it was never good enough for funding. This was before the internet, cell phones, etc. I became a Federal Witness flown to Florida for the trial. They were convicted sent to prison for 26 years. F. Lee Bailey was their defense attorney. He cross examined me. During cross he tried to point out I had not followed their instructions. No pictures, not correct price. But had proof I had followed everything in detail. So this sounds like the same upsale, failure to really fund.

  5. Hey Mark, Thank you for your comment. I am a fan of Shark Tank, but I am not familiar with the Damon John’s program. I think what is important for those considering any program, is that there is no such thing as free. Those who buy into Snap Flip soon find out the truth about up sells for additional training. Those who venture out to find ‘deals’ realize how incredibly hard it is to put a deal together. Thank you for speaking to the need for money and or credit to do any of these programs. Do well, Robert

  6. Mark A.(soCal)

    Thanks very much in advance for your information regarding SnapFlip and your experiences.It is very helpful. Tho I have signed up for the ‘Free’ (EVERYTHING is NEVER free) seminar in southern California. This seminar is EXACTLY like the one DAMON JOHNS of SharkTank and his SUCCESS FORMULA team puts on for their 3day ‘Team’ Real Estate Flipping Training…tho they charge $1995. for the SAME training. Please let your readers understand…you MUST have money and credit to do this training. Where I come from in America $1200. is A LOT of money..and if you dont have that money you have to put it on a CREDIT card. So yes it is 100% true…You got to have money ($1200. at least)with this SnapFlip (or many other similiar seminars/”teachings”) to make (more) money. Or use your CREDIT (to buy) instead.

  7. Hey Don, You have a lot to say. I hope others read your comment. This and the one that follows. This is the most in depth reporting of what to expect inside Snap Flip we’ve seen. We have always known about the up sells, but your comments tells how expensive this training really is. Thanks again, Robert

  8. Don

    I guess I stopped reading too early and had to share my story. But had I continue reading further down, I would have been sharked to see your post with all of those other LLC names. The funny thing is that as an entrepreneur, I like to listen to what these companies are selling. Well a week after my Boots on the Ground was Kevin O’Leary’s endorsement of Interactive Trader. Just like Response or Snap Flip, I had never heard of them to know who to research. They just promoted flipping houses. But I did know about Interactive Trader before when I saw the name at the seminar. But everyone bought into seeing Mr. Shark Tank himself. Aside from that, they never once mentioned their company name. It was all about Kevin O’Leary. The one thing that did catch my eye was their 4.8% like rating. It was the same number as Snap Flip. I thought that was odd. Had never seen that one before. But go figure, they are all the same company. Makes sense now.

    So to see your full list of companies they go by was really shocking that I had to add a second post. One more company that you mind one day see is Real Estateed – the ed is for education I presume.

    I hope you all have attorneys for help because a class action suit needs to be filed against this company who claims to have been in business for 15 to 20 plus years without any problems.

    Robert, you are right. I am not quick to call companies scams. But they do go on for a long time before someone stands up to them. What works for them outside of certain sections of the country, truly does not work in other states in the East coast.
    Good luck to does doing flipping. Just watch out for the economy and this disruptive administration when you go buy those cashflow properties at the summit in Vegas or Utah. When they start losing their jobs, I doubt they will be keen to continue paying their rent.

  9. Don

    Well as much as your stories have been mild mine is a lot worse as I am going through it right now in MA. They just came in town in June 2017. Attended Boots on the Ground. By the time you attended Boots on the Ground, you had lost your ability to get a refund within the first 3 days when you have no knowledge and awaiting a class to gain the knowledge. Well I really believed in what they were offering. Sounded legitimate. Having said that, until you are ready to go and do deal is when you find out the real deal. After your $1147 to gain access to funding, they bring you the coaching assistance program because “you will never do it by yourself if you do not have a coach or do not know anything about real estate.” I got sold on that lie. Platinum starts at $20K, $25K for Diamond Elite, and Diamond 360 starts at $38K. And if you were a sucker like me who really wanted the support to have a mentor come to town etc, they sucker you with a 2 day tag team phone call of hype in what I call the typical MLM training of uplifting you up to offer even more advanced training for another $23K with a 7 day cancellation policy. They call it the Inner Circle. Well 30 minutes of another coach’s time is not worth it when you have transactions taking place. Your allotted time is only once a week with an advisory line you can call for additional support. Follow the 1% rule. Else if the deal is at least $250k or more good luck. They will tell you that it is basically not a good deal. It does not meet their guidelines.

    These programs are great for the snap flip deals but when it comes to really buying and holding, think again. The Proof of Funds is not true. I tried to do it and let me add that is all they promote in the classes but read the fine print. The POF is only for back to back closing. The letter is all that they offer. It is as valuable as the rim of paper you bought at Staples. They do not back it. The mentor offers me another independent 3rd party site to go pay $95 / month just to show proof of actual fund statements. The company that they promote internally does not even do any other deals. They never mentioned that. But any other deals to do flips will be funded. They also state that no cash out of your pocket. Well they tell you to focus only on doing wholesaling so that you do not focus on doing any flip and hold. They really do not help you with that although they make the impression that they do. You still must rely on your good credit to do so. But if you are putting the charges on a credit card, it is already too late because you just jacked up your FICO Score with no clear expectation of how fast you will be able to get deals done to make that money back. Like others have said it is not that quick. They tell you to expect a 25:1 ratio. So base on how savvy you are, it may be shorter or longer. But you gotta keep making offers to eventually crack that 24 offers to that 1 yes you have been waiting for.
    And if you are wondering about their great rating, well as I write this I found out why they maintain that so call great rating. They actually force you to sign a none nondisclosure agreement if you cancel within the 7 days. But that 7 days comes with a catch. If you want to cancel, they have a plain refund document to sign that does not even mention the Inner Circle name. But what it does, if you are no legal wordsmith, is that by you getting your money back, you cannot talk about the company. And also you really are forfeiting all of your rights to sue or request your other money from the program. Because they do a hard sell to make sure they do not give you your money back. They tell you that they will do their best to work with you and get you to do your first deal. But after all this experience, I cannot trust a company with a lack of integrity.

    I am not sure if anyone has gone this far with the company but they do a great job in selling you but you try to do anything outside of their system, you will get a wakeup call. You still need your own funding to purchase your first house if you are like me who wanted to invest in real estate or purchase your first home. I do not see this as the system to do so. You will spend more money with hidden fees or not so 100% legitimate as they promised you in the class. With every attempt I made to follow their process, I was faced with some road block or unexpected circumstance that they never warned you about. So that is why I put on the breaks before I would continue on with this company.

    In all, you have lost your money before you ever started. Their excuse is that they have already offered you their service and you use it by having access to the website, going to Boots on the Ground class, etc. Therefore, they do not feel that they need to offer you a refund at all. So before you can actually use the program to do deals, you will find out there are loopholes that they sugarcoat in the training but is a real deal killer when it comes time to execute. If you are interested in only flips then best of luck. I have not gone pass the first steps before I found road blocks to do so. If you are a Mass residence, best of luck with hard money lenders because from what I have seen the options for you to get funding in this state is limited and is far from 100% funded deals.

  10. Thanks Christian, Glad you found our article. It has become pretty clear that the entire program is about selling training. The financing angle is a nice hook. The work of finding homes they will pay for (finance) is hard. You may well find a nice deal but that does not mean you’ll get it. I would encourage you to read some of the comments. Many have told of their experience. What you see on television is not how the program works. Yes you’ll see a well done presentation and they will provide a simple meal, but the training they sell is only the beginning of asking you to spend more money for training. Wish you well, thanks again for checking in.

  11. christian aguolu

    I thought I was to be taught how to just find the good houses to be sold. That is what I heard about on television yesterday.

  12. Hey Dan, Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. You have said it much better than we. We can only hope others will read your comment before coughing up more than a thousand dollars. Do well, Robert

  13. Dan Salas

    Hi Robert,
    I saw the infomercial, and was mildly curious on the business angle, so I thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    I agree that there are some legitimate concerns about the legality of procuring real estate transactions without a license. However, I believe that the group that puts this out found a loophole in avoiding these issues at least in the State’s they offer the programs. Of course the way to truly know this is to spend the $1200 for the 3-day course.

    I believe their true business model, like many As-Seen-On-Tv schemes is to sell training and more of it. They are in the education business.. perhaps no so much in the real-estate funding to make the 20% annualized return on their money. There is probably some level of business they do to be legit but they make the most of their money on the upsell to those who already have “skin” in the game (i.e. your time spent to attend free seminar, your $1200, your first 3-day, your first few weeks trying to make your first deal, etc) so you’re invested and hence would want to spend just a few more to really figure the business out.

    I understand they charge the 1.65%, but there’s the $395. However, this is only TRUE for the one’s they CHOOSE to work on.. you said at your seminar.. there were about 500 who attended.. so assume only 10% signed up at $1200, that night they grossed $60K.. of these 50 students, they will troll thru the same list of foreclosures in that area.. put in the hard work.. compete with the 49 students as well as the hundreds of seasoned investors coming in with cash in their pockets looking for the same real estate bargains as you with tons more experience than you. If you find a handful to submit to the Snap Flip group, what are you chances of getting your deal selected?

    So it seems the business model is for them to charge people to learn how to become their ‘agents’ to look for the great deals and only spend the cash if the numbers can truly work.. eventually the 50 students will drop off after a few tries.. so they continue to recruit more people from the hundreds of free-seminars they put out and so on and so forth.

    As you say, there is a great deal of effort involved here and perhaps to the lucky few, they can make some good money for a while.

    For the many, I would suggest they look at other avenues unless they are willing to put forth the kind of effort it would take. I have a successful consulting business and also do quite well investing in the stock market and some real estate I own. In my journey, I’ve not found a quick fix or short-cut to success. There is no substitute for investing in a proper education and lots of hard work, with a little bit of luck. My two cents.


  14. Hey Zach, Glad you took the time to check out Snap Flip. If you miss the show, you will miss a high energy talk with the promise of earnings to equal the energy. They do not offer any information on the seriously hard work it will be to find a house to buy using their money. Remember, they will be training dozens of people. All will be looking for the same house to flip. It’s hard depressing, frustrating work. Most deals will not work out. Can’t speak about the meal because I didn’t eat it. Wish you well.

  15. Thanks Max, I believe you are not alone. There may be room for those who know the business and the work and pitfalls, but you’re correct with your professional advise. People will do well to listen. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us. Do well, Robert

  16. zach

    just saw the commercial and signed up for it this morning, was very skeptical at first but decided it seemed like was risk free to attend and could win a free tablet/laptop along with the free book and mp3 player that everyone was promised so I signed up online. After reading the review and the comments I’m not sure if tis worth sitting two hours listening to in order to get the free meal(also I read about more of the rules to the drawing and the odds seem way lower then I originally thought) so the only reason I would be going would be to get a free mp3 player and possibly a meal after 2 hours since I wouldn’t be using the book.
    Just not sure if its worth it.

  17. Max

    I am a licensed Associate Real Estate Broker in New York State. My professional & sincere advise is to stay far away from snap flip … stay far, far away from these people.

  18. Hey John, Thanks for taking the time to check in. Real Estate is a wonderful business. There are many many people investing with great success. If you take the Snap Flip training, we would love to hear how you do. Most interesting will be how well the formula works. Hope you’ll come back with a report. We wish you well. Robert

  19. Brian, Thank you for reporting your experience. We hope others will read it. The $1,147.00 is only the beginning. It is reported that several up sells happen at the training. We noticed recently, a small notice that of a Snap Flip performance report only included students who had invested more than $3,000 in product offers, like more training.

    Yours is the first we have heard of criminal acts. Fraud with a credit card is serious. It is amazing that those who claim to be worth millions, need to steal $500 from a customer. We wish you well.

  20. Brian Fosvrook

    This is a total scam, I attended the same seminar offered by Snap-Flip.com New name to add to the list of scam names. Same song and dance as Maria in Florida, as a matter of fact the presenter stated he lived in Florida and was only in Columbus OH for 3 days. 1147.00 for the 3 day seminar, no answers in the free 2 hr seminar just promises of 1,000,000 credit line his partner Box Home Loans. You couldnt have access to the credit line and his services unless you paid for the 3 day seminar. I was walking away from the deal when they kept offering to give me financing on the payment for the seminar. NO Thanks… Then I gave them a counter offer, I will pay you $150.00 to hold my seat while I investigate your company. $500 more a week later and the balance before the class if it turns out to be legit. WHAT REALLY HAPPENED –> They stole 500.00 from my bank account that day, I caught it 2 hours later at the bank, and demanded an immediate refund and was denied. Bank account fraud claim filed, police report filed, Fraud complaint the Atty General of Ohio…. 30 days later still fighting with them….

  21. Mr Hunry, The short answer is yes, there is a dinner at the end. When the presentation is over those who want in, line up at tables with credit card in hand. About thirty minutes of that and they bring out the food. We had no intention to eat so we left when the presentation ended. Thanks for checking in, Robert

  22. Hey Martha, Thanks for your comment. The Snap Flip program leaves a lot of unanswered questions. I guess spending the $1200 is how we find the answers. I didn’t do it. Flipping houses can be rewarding, but finding the right ones is where all the work is. Knowing that there are many trying to find the same house, who just went through the same training, creates a lot of competition. It will be very frustrating knowing how much work you put into finding a house, only to have someone else buy it. Lastly, I have learned that there is a lot of pressure to buy more training. Seems odd that a program designed to allow those with no money, a way to get into the game, would be trying to have you spend more on training. Wish you well on what ever direction you choose.

  23. My sister and I just attended a “Snap Flip” in Indianapolis, In with Drew and Danny, Of course they were not there. Being the cautious person that I am, I am checking them and the program out intensely before we go any further. I want to know whose name does the property go into first ? If it’s your name, then you have all the closing cost to deal with and that would come out of your pocket? And what if it takes a long time to find a buyer, or what if you want to flip it yourself. I am still investigating. They did offer to reimburse the $1200 if you did a flip within so many days.

  24. Thank you MCV, It is nice to here from our readers. I think you summed things up quite well. Yes, people are doing this program, but it is very difficult work with a lot of frustration and disappointment.Once in the training, it is my understanding the pressure for up sells, spending money on more training, is intense. Hope you are able to find a business that will work for you. Do well. Again, thank you for your comment. Robert

  25. MCV

    I went to an initial presentation on this topic last night in MA. A fast talking leader gave the basics of their approach. Highlighted was the fact that once one sells a home, the fee for their agency is only 1.65 % of the money lent to you. (plus a $395 fee).
    However, they charge a much heftier up-front fee for their 3 day training. ($1147). That, to me, is a bit much as it’d be easier for people to pay more $ AFTER they’ve sold a house, not before. (and to keep the ‘amount of skin in the game” to an initial $500-600 would be more realistic for a lot of people). And there are concerns about needing a real estate license to do this which were never mentioned…
    For a few hardy souls, it might be the right thing… but be prepared to be asked to pay more for more training at some point. And apparently to work VERY hard on researching possible houses…(They claim their customer service reps help with everything…but how can one know before they shell out a lot of $?).

  26. Hi Gladys, Thanks for taking the time to make a comment. We enjoy hearing from our readers. I had never heard the ‘snap shot’ idea before. I can see how it could have been confusing. As to the real deal, lots of mixed opinions there as well. The plan may work, provided it’s legal. The key word is work. There is a lot to it. You may have noticed how they point out there are investors ready to ‘snap’ up properties in the flip process. Did you wonder why the investors do not find the properties themselves? It’s a lot of work. Thanks again for checking in. Wish you well in finding a nice side business you will enjoy.

  27. My bff and I went to this event. The class was very informative on what they do and how to make money flipping houses or renting houses but…….the commercial on tv is a scam. It says SnapFlip and it is on the poster with the HDTV stars when you go into the conference room but there is nothing like what the commercial makes you believe. It makes you believe that you sign up to snap a picture of a house and send it in to a buyer or contractor and if they choose your house you get a commission. Nothing like that, it’s all about you purchasing a property although, they could fund you the money to do so which is great but not if you don’t want to be involved in purchasing and selling houses. If you go to this event thinking you are going to Snap pictures, forget this one but if you want to buy and sell houses and need cash to do it this seems to be your company. But, now I am skeptical on just about everything. Oh and after reading some of the reviews which I should have done before going, I’m too trusting; you should check your state for it is illegal in some states to do this if you are not a real estate broker or find out from them if they certify you when you take the course to be able to purchase a property legally . Good Luck!….Wish this was what the commercial led us to believe that could have been so much fun and a great part time job. Disappointed once again.

  28. Hi Marcia, Your comments are very kind. I am glad you saw our review. While I am not ready to call the plan a scam, there is a lot to be cautious about. Some say it is illegal. That’s good enough for me. What I do know, in the states where it is legal, it would take great effort, lots of time, with never a guarantee that your time spent is rewarded.

    While the training class they sell at the program you did not attend is almost $1,200, the up sells down the road will be several thousand dollars more. Again, thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I wish you well in what ever endeavor you pursue.

  29. marcia patterson

    im so glad my girlfriend at the last minute decieded she did not want to go, but i decieded to do some research and see just what i was missing. if i hadnt
    of saw your response i would of been dissappointed and never would of known what i was getting into and wasting my time. thank goodness for people like you. god gives you praise from above for caring enough
    to save people like me, a scamm.

  30. Ms Petit, Thank you for the warning. We first wrote about this business plan when it was offered in Florida. We actually went to a meeting to learn what the plan involved. Other real estate agents have written us with the same concern you express. We certainly hope that our article, coupled with warnings from readers, will aid others in making appropriate decisions about Snap Flip Real Estate. Learning all the legal requirements of their state is great advice for those considering this business. Again, Thank you for your important contribution.

  31. OHIO residents PLEASE take note: what is described here is illegal activity for the student/member to undertake without a real estate license! The civil penalty for unlicensed activity in Ohio is steep – up to $1000 per day per violation (each property!).

  32. Cindy Fox

    Thank you for all the comments you provided. I am scheduled for the event in Dayton, Ohio. After reading these comments/reviews I will NOT be attending. Shame on Celebrities for such scamming.

  33. Hi Maria, So glad you saw the article. I can not speak to the license requirements. I did not buy in and never heard that question asked at the free seminar I attended. I ‘think’ the work around is, they actually take title as a person. In the pitch I heard, the attraction is the money source. They (the organizers) charge a fee to their people (the ones who bought the training) on the money they supply to allow ‘all cash’ purchases. They quick flip in a couple of weeks, usually to an investor who will do the renovation and flip again. Is it a scam? Some say there are up sells once enrolled in the training, with pressure in invest thousands more. I don’t have direct knowledge on that. I do know it is very hard work. Lots of time and disappointments in attempting to buy ‘must sell’ homes. Thanks again for weighing in. Wish you well in your real estate endeavors. Robert

  34. Maria

    I am a licensed real estate person in Florida and it is in fact illegal to make over $50.00 on any sales transaction of real estate that is not personally owned by you if you are not a licensed real estate person. So how they are advertising and selling training on this is unbelievable and a total scam.

  35. Hi Maria, I am so happy to hear your comments. Your comment on the talk being ‘canned’ is totally understandable. Most presentations are scripted. I expected there would be up-sells someplace along the line. That is normal in every training program. I can not imagine why anyone would invest huge amounts of money when the whole concept “pitch” is to use their money.

    I did not do any research. I only attended the meeting and reported what their pitch is and what I experienced. If the initial training gets anyone to the point of making deals, it is worth the time and money. My single point remains. The hard work of finding the deals is where most will fail.

    If their real purpose is to sell more product or training, with the idea the work will become easier, then you are correct. Shame on them.

    Again, thanks for sharing what you learned. I hope others will see it. Best wishes getting your refund. Hope you find a business you can trust. Do well, Robert

  36. Maria

    I just attended not one, but TWO Rent to Renovate/Snap Flip/ Visionary Events in two evenings: 3/23/17 in downtown Orlando, FL and 3/24/17 near the Orlando (MCO) airport. Same high sales pitch from the exact same guys: Steve, then Drew Levin, then testimonials from 2 former (highly successful) students, then Chris. Word for word verbatim pitch from Steve and Chris–even to the jokes! I was suckered into purchasing the $1147 3-day Real Estate Workshop Package (of which I intend to get a refund–based on their stated right to cancel the transaction within 3 business days.) If you look further into all of the chatter and complaints on the internet, the 3 day workshop becomes an exercise of this team to coerce something to the tune of $21,000-$25,000 for advanced “training/education/materials/mentoring.” The BBB has them on a cautionary watch-list. Here are some affiliated business names:
    Alternate Business Names

    Clark Edu LLC
    Women’s Empowerment LLC
    Performance Education LLC
    Property Education, LLC
    Affluence EDU LLC
    Real Estate Intensive
    Visionary Events
    RE Intensive
    Education Financial
    Interactive Trader
    Response, LLC
    I do not know who owns this LLC. Even though it is marketed as a Drew Levin/Danny Perkins “Rent to Renovate” event, I get the impression that this Visionary Events et al company is riding on their coattails and using them for celebrity star-power. Shame on them (Drew and Danny) if they are the originators of this or are even just complicit partners. At any rate: AVOID THIS SCHEME AND VISIONARY EVENTS COMPANY & AFFILIATES!

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