1. Mr Tacoma

    I attended one tonight in Tacoma, WA 10-23-2018. The pitch was exactly how it was stated in an earlier article. I only went to see Kevin O’Leary (Shark Tank) but after seeing the two HGTV guys hand off their scheme to a professional pitchman, I actually got sick to my stomach as this dude spoke. I have seen plenty of scams before and these kinds of people. I was just surprised to see these names attached to it. I went out to the restroom and this Mexican lady was out there (I do mean, straight from Mexico). She was attractive and she asked me if I was leaving, I said, “no, I am headed to the restroom.” She asked me what I thought of the presentation so far and I said, “it sounds interesting.” So I asked her, “tell me straight up, what does this cost?” She said, “around $1200 but they will up sell you if you get any sales and if you don’t get any sales, they will say it is because you don’t have the training which can cost $20k or more!” I hope she wasn’t working for them because I walked right out and could care less to see “Mr. Wonderful.”

  2. Hello Jen. Glad you had a chance to read our article. I have said it many times. These people a very good at what the do. They have a smooth and exciting program. It sounds like the average person can turn it into a successful business. Unfortunately the SnapFlip plan is fake. Their real goal is to sell training.

    You may be challenged to get your money back but you will. Many State Attorney Generals are involved in helping in cases like yours. Keep records of texts, emails and phone calls. Good luck, Robert

  3. Thank you Sheehean Thorpe, You discribe a new twist to this scheme. Never heard of the Starbucks card. The box lunch is a downgrade from a couple of years ago.

    These people are very good at what they do. That being, getting people to pay for a scheme that simply does not exist. They must be making money because they have been traveling the country with this show for a long time. Wish you well, -Robert

  4. Jen

    I also found that their website did not work – at first. Then I saw another informercial later with a website that did work! They are good.

  5. Jen

    Robert, THANK YOU for publishing this information! I attended the *free* event 2 days ago. I was sucked in, for sure. I used my emergency fund to purchase the 3 day training, set for next weekend. I already called & left a message & will call again tomorrow to get my refund. I have lost hours at work and felt desperate, didn’t want to go look for another job. Even though that is the much safer bet! Thank you!

  6. Sheehean Thorpe

    Thank you very much for this article. I wasted my time at one of their sales presentations but fortunately did not give them any money. They promised a lunch and $220 Starbucks card. The lunch was a cheap boxed lunch that they didn’t serve until 2:10pm during a presentation that started at noon. The Starbucks card was a promise to reimburse you for $20 per month for a Starbucks purchase if you sent in your receipts each month. And if you missed a month, then the program would be cancelled.

  7. Patricia A Lopez

    Watching their infomercial, smelled fishy, and decided to poke around. Your article confirmed my suspicions. Thanks for the article!

  8. Hello Curtis, It is amazing this continues. They have to making a ton of money. Thanks to checking in here. Hope the growing number of comments like yours will help others from the snake oil show you witnessed. We have heard of payments exceeding $20,000 that began with a program on how to use ‘their’ money to flip houses. Do well, Robert

  9. Curtis

    Attended the Las Vegas “training” this past weekend. A complete waste of time. Within 5 minutes the speaker referenced the “Workshop” for more details. That right there verified to me that this was an advertisement meeting not training.They basically tell you that you are a terrible person if you miss out on this opportunity. i guess i’m a terrible person. Started with $2000, then they dropped it to @1250 just for that weekend. Lastly they offered $645 up front then pay the rest in 45 days.

  10. Hi Diane, Glad you found us. Many states have a 3 day rule that allows you to cancel. Sorry you got caught up in the excitement. Wish you success. -Robert

  11. Diane Malone

    Wish I had found your article BEFORE I went to the “free seminar” last night – and signed up for the 3-day event. I wonder if I can cancel? I’ll let you know.

  12. Hey there Hippie Chick, Glad it have made a difference. It is still amazing to me that these guys continue with the same old scheme. I can not imagine the amount of money they must be making. Take care and do well, -Robert

  13. Hippie Chick

    Robert THANK YOU THANK YOU for your information I will NOT waste my time! You are an Angel keep up the good work!

  14. Hello Eileen, We are happy to know we made a difference. We have yet to hear from anyone who has had a rewarding experience with the SnapFlip program. While real estate investing and flipping houses is a valid business model, the one pitched at the SnapFlip program does not, in any real sense, actually exist. We wish you well, -Robert

  15. Eileen Brymer

    My first clue that it was a scam was that the website they advertised was not functioning. I am so glad I took the time to do some research, and foud your article. This should be front and center, featured as the #1 article to read. You saved me time, energy and money! Thank you so much!

  16. Hello Wanda Phillips, Thank you for taking the time to write. Missing the program is good use of your time.

    It is sad that this training is presented using a deceptive message. Flipping houses is a valid and, for some, a very lucrative business. Selling training to help people in their ventures is also valid.

    The people selling this training may be very good at it, and their training may be worth the price tag. Our problem is with the deception used to recruit students. We have yet to hear from anyone that actually had a real estate deal funded as pitched in the SnapFlip program.

    There are many ways to make money from home. I hope you find something you’ll enjoy, but without the bogus hype of a SnapFlip. -Robert

  17. Wanda Phillips

    I was planning on attending the December 15th event….but not any longer. I was simply looking for some type of work that I can do from home. I was not, however, looking to enroll in any training program. Thank you very much for your post.

  18. Gretchen Dyer

    I was planning on attending this week. After reading your comments I’ll pass and buy my own dinner. Thank you

  19. Thanks Sharon. Sound advice. People need to understand that what is pitched at the SnapFlip seminar, is not what they deliver after joining the training program. SnapFlip sells training programs. We have yet to hear from anyone who received funding on a deal. Best wishes on your investment ventures. -Robert

  20. I am a Real Estate Broker that has interest in investing. So, I attend these seminars when they come up. The only one that I wish I had continued with was Fortunebuilders. I plan to go to this one this week.

    As a Realtor I know that Investors will pay people for leads but as a Realtor, I’m not sure how much is legal or ethical if i did it.

    You can find Investors on your own or thru your local Realtor. Contact them and ask if they pay for leads on properties. You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to a third party to do that. Just remember, if your Realtor is nice enough to pass you a name… be nice back and use that Realtor for the deal.

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