1. Robert

    Thanks Norman, Yes, life insurance has a place. I owned life insurance for years when raising a family. This site is dedicated to helping seniors, (I’m one of them). Life insurance sold on TV is simply taking advantage of older citizens, often by scaring them. Thanks for taking the time to reach out. Robert

  2. Robert

    Torrey, you have that right. But there is a place for life insurance. When you have a family raising kids, have a mortgage and a good job, life insurance takes care of the family in case the bread winner dies or gets killed. But not for seniors trying to enjoy the golden years. Thanks for taking the time to read it. Robert

  3. Robert

    Thanks Fred, it is sad. The final costs of life can be serious. And, as you said, the cost of insurance is equally expensive. For many seniors, the concept of saving the money is far better than paying the premiums. And yes, Health insurance is even more serious Thanks again, Robert

  4. Fred Chong

    For the seniors, the cost of death is one final concern apart from the medical expenses prior to death. The latter is a real burden when it is not adequately covered. That I think represents their fear of buying such insurance.

    The other fact is some of them can ill afford to pay for the premium no matter how low it is as they no longer have an income. Thus, aside from insurance coverage for the cost of death, health-care is one of the key social-economic problems confronting the ruling government.

  5. Norman

    Many people do not understand insurance or the way it works this site can help make it more easy for those who may not understand about insurance especially life insurance. Thanks for breaking it down step by step for those who come to this website looking for this kind of information. I am sure that they will be happy to know of a website like this.

  6. Torrey

    What can I say I’m a healthy 24 year old and no I do not carry life insurance. My family has never had life Insurance either, it’s something that my parents failed to teach me!! I like how you pointed out that the insurance companies are actually about as intrested in helping you financially as they are in planting your garden for you. It’s a lesson that i’ve learned a long time ago, if they’re promoting it, someone is making a killing or else it’s a scam.

  7. Robert

    Thanks for taking the time to read the piece. You are right. Huge insurance companies sell to those who don’t need it just to make money. It’s frustrating as these older people are my friends. I’m one of them. Thanks again, Robert

  8. angelce903


    I enjoyed your website and the way you analyze insurance for seniors because it’s ot a topic that is seen by people usually. And because of the population who gets older in the Western countries, they are preys and main targets to the multinational companies, inclusing insurance firms who just want to get money out of them. They don’t necessarily care about their health, but rather about how much they will gain.

    Keep up the good job and thank you for telling the Truth!

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