1. Robert

    I hear you Troy. I’m glad you’re there to keep an eye on your mom. Really work on the ladder thing. I know people who didn’t fare so well from such a fall. The interesting thing about being old, is not remembering you’re old. I think we all believe were still young. Really. My brain is on thirty and my body in on 68. Thanks for checking in. Keep mom safe, Robert

  2. troy

    This is excellent information and if you are young and living with a senior citizen this safety information not only can help you but also help them live a more happier life. Some senior citizens are so set in their ways and such go getters like my mom who does not think twice about her age and does things that she knows she should not be doing especially at her age like climbing latters. I can’t even count on how many times she’s fallen off a latter all because she still feels as if shes in her early 20’s, mentally, but physically not anymore.

  3. Robert

    Marie, It is so nice to her you are helping your parents. There are so many things we can do be safer, especially at home. Your cupboard story is a great example. Thanks for sharing. Robert

  4. Marie

    HI Robert thanks I appreciate you putting this information together. I have (fairly) elderly parents and suddenly this is an area of responsibility I’m having to look into.

    Today for example they opened a cupboard which hadn’t been sorted and several items fell out narrowly avoiding them and again causing possible fall threats.

    At work we have to undertake risk assessments all the time, it should be a case that we have to do it in the home as well.

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