1. Robert

    Thanks Christopher, I am glad you enjoyed this post. I am sure your grandparent will get plenty of use from their iPhone. I talked to a close friend today, he’s 81. I think I talked him into at least thinking about it. His lady friend just got one and loves it.

    The features are so far beyond his flip phone. Glad your here, Robert

  2. Christopher

    I am glad to say my grandparent now have iPhones. The technology is remarkable and I believe that every senior should at least give it a try. All in all, I believe its that feeling of security that truly makes them great. The fact that they are able to call in emergencies is awesome because of the fact that some seniors may live alone. I hope more people read this to gain an insight as to why smartphones are becoming essential in this day in age. Especially for people who for some reason have a disability of any sort. Eye opening article!

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