1. Robert

    Thanks Ashley, I think the hard part is for seniors who are alone. Driving is a sort of life line for them. Aging seems to sneak up on us. Eyesight, hearing, mental focus go away slowly and then, suddenly, we find trouble. It’s sad when a senior has an accident and they’re confused. How did it happen? The best cases are when family get involved. Phase out driving with friends and family pitching in. I am glad you took the time to comment. Have a great day, Robert

  2. Robert

    Hi John, You’re being kind. Thank you. I hate to admit it but I rarely drive anymore. I don’t even ask. I say that with a chuckle. I’m good with it. It’s nice to just look around. Be safe and enjoy the ride. Robert

  3. John

    I guess I’m in that age group so it was a great read for me. Your cartoon characters made your page come alive.
    You know you have a problem when the person sitting next to you asks if you would like them to drive. Yes driving in the senior years can become a problem, some drive to fast while others drive to slow. The singles club and the Beatles were a nice touch for the living after 60.

  4. Ashley

    Hi, I really loved your post. You’ve written it in such an attractive manner for the reader that there’s no way I can’t remember all the 6 steps.
    I’ve heard that diminished eyesight is a real problem for many people of this age, and it’s one of the main reasons why they quit driving, along with the hearing problems.
    I didn’t know about the reaction time, though. It’s very sad, but this is probably a good reason to stop driving.
    Your post is very useful, so thanks a lot for writing it 🙂

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