Rowing For Exercise

Can seniors still row? The video here is not intended to get anyone rowing in competition, but rowing for exercise may be something to consider.

video credit: Yiğit Ersöz

Rowing is an alternative to other forms of exercise.

Recent exercise articles suggest that rowing machines are the new rage in health clubs and gyms. One publication reported the new technology in rowing has avid gym goers passing up the elliptical machines for rowing.


Why all the excitement?

Healthy Living After 60 is focused on helping to make life after 60 more wonderful than most would imagine. It is often called ‘The Golden Years” and that is the goal here. To make them the Best Years Yet.

Exercise is an important part of staying healthy. It’s been said many times.

We all know someone who retired, went home to sit on the couch. And died.

So let’s exercise, stay active and enjoy Healthy Living After 60.

Have You Watched House of Cards – The Netflix Hit


Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) Joins in the New rage of rowing. His wife gives him a rowing machine.

The sixty something Washington power broker and Speaker of the House, (I won’t tell you more in case you watch it) needs to reduce stress. A little weight loss wouldn’t hurt either.

The program shows him as a runner but the rowing machine is the new, improved method of exercise and stress control.



How does this translate to seniors?  Healthy Exercise.

Most of what we read about exercising is targeted to younger people. There is little focus on seniors and their health.

As mentioned earlier, seniors can get a lot out of rowing, even when there is no interest in competition.

We can leave that to our grandchildren.

Rowing will require more effort then a recumbent stationary bicycle,(Reviewed here) but the benefits from rowing for strength and conditioning, are far greater.Healthy-image-Rowing-Exercise-chart

This chart will give you an idea of what a work out might look like.

Rowing will work all of you. From the back, up through the shoulders. The arms and the legs.

You will need to approach with caution when beginning a rowing exercise program. Most machines will have tutorials about safe operations. No one wants to start out with pulled muscles and soreness that prevents other activities.

None of us are the same as we were twenty years ago. This is not competition. We are not trying to keep up with the 30 somethings.

Healthy Living After 60 has not done reviews of any of the many possible rowing machines

There are many options and the cost is all over the map.

Rowing Machines

Water Rower – High line machine with prices as high as $1,600

Healthy-image-water rower-2Healthy-image-water rower

Other quality brands include Concept2 and Stamina. Prices can be as low as $120. These machines are all available at and can viewed by clicking here.


As you view the product pages through the links here. notice there is a product video along the left side of the page.

When looking at the design of the WaterRower, note that the design is to be stored standing up, taking minimal space.







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