1. Robert

    Hey Thad, Thanks you for taking you for stopping by. I’m happy you found it ‘Captivating’. I was kind of you to say so. I agree, the business of online marketing is right for all ages. It’s work but it’s rewarding work. Again thanks for your comment. I’ll look for the typo. Robert

  2. thadpoore

    Really captivating, for some reason I was really interested! I like the part you did about online marketing because you were right about all of it, as I work online myself.

    One thing I was thought was a spelling error that really stood out; under “what can a senior do online”.

    Besides that, I loved this post and thought it was very well written. The way to tie everything into WA is remarkable.

    Thanks for the good read:)
    Thad P.
    — Gymbulk Fitness

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