1. Hi James, I am happy you found value in our article. It seems that the biggest challenges we have involve our health. I wish you well on the journey to wellness. -Robert

  2. I was just diagnosed with an underactive Thyroid. I was told it was because I’m a Type 1 Diabetic and it would happen no matter what I do in life.

    I’m not after a super vitamin just the right ones. Your post has been an enlightenment of information for me.

    I did go to the Chemist the other day and it was information overload on the senses.

    Thanks for your informative post


  3. I think that is absolutely wonderful. Diet should always be the prime source of vitamins and nutrients.
    Unfortunately, many lack(often because of diet) what the body needs. That is the role of vitamins and supplements.
    Thank you for the comment. Live well and live healthy.

  4. I am a vegan and have no nutritional deficiencies, I also know other vegans that have had no supplements for 30 and 40 years and are healthier than most 20 year-olds.

    Don’t always believe what everyone tells you! 🙂

  5. admin

    Thanks Vic, Like most, I never gave a thought to this stuff until by doctor grabbed me my the throat. I don’t want to spread panic, just tell people what’s going on. Talk soon, Robert

  6. admin

    Debra, Thanks for the kind words. I guess I’m not surprised by a big company like Pfizer selling an inferior product. Maybe that is a reason I had, for years, steered clear of vitamins. As to a good product, I think ‘Natures Best’ is a good place to start. It works for me. They even got a shout-out on ‘Shark Tank’ once. I personally take ‘Spring Valley’ for my B12.

  7. A very nice article indeed; well written and well informed.

    I am 50+ and have recently decided that I need to improve my vitamin intake (via foods and other sources). I found your section on calcium interesting in that you can only absorb so much at a time and that is why you need to break a daily dose into multiple doses thru the day.

    I suffer from Fibromyalgia as well, so I really found your section on B12 interesting. I’m going to start taking that and see if things improve any.

    A bit shocked tho on your information regarding Centrum NOT being a good multi vitamin, I am curious as to a multivitamin you would suggest?

    At any rate thank you for such a great post on healthy living and vitamins we’re not taking.

  8. I have always wondered in my mind the effectiveness of over the counter vitamins and minerals. I do think that some of them work better than others. I think vitamin C in particular works well. I like the title of not talking just once a day.

  9. admin

    Thanks Jason, My wife said she is going to get some Papaya. Like many, I never took vitamins until I got some poor blood work reports. Stay healthy, live long. Robert

  10. I like what you suggested about vitamins and other nutrients and how important they are for us.

    I really get most of my supplements from the food that I eat. I make my food my medicine and my medicine my food. 🙂

    If at anytime I do not have the food to supply the nutrients, I will resort to multivitamins.

    I especially love tropical fruits since I spend most of my time in the tropics (Jamaica).

    You have not had Papaya? It is very very good for you and it tastes great! You need to get some and try for yourself at one of those farmers market.

    I had a very bad experience with Centrum, whenever I take it, my stomach hurts. I now take mens one a day mostly for my supplements.

    Thank you for sharing your post. I look forward to reading more on your website.


  11. admin

    Thanks John, It’s not vitamin C that needs to be spread out. The supplement Calcium is what you need to watch. At our age, pay attention to B12. I take 1000mg a day. The doctor caught my low level and put me on the dose. Robert

  12. admin

    Watch for daily recommend amounts. Vitamins are important. Not all products are created equal. When talking with your doctor, ask. Diet is always the best source.

  13. Thanks for a very interesting post.
    I was under the impression that B12 is only from meat products? So vegetarians and vegans should always make sure they get vitamin supplements.
    I don’t usually take any vitamins, except when I was pregnant I did.
    I’m not 60 though, I’m turning 37 soon. Do you think I should be taking anything now?

  14. Robert,
    I have never taken Vitamins. Now that I am over 60, I want my quality of life to remain the same. Your post has let me know what to look for on the labels.
    I did not know that you had to spread out the dosage of Vitamin C to get the full results from it.

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