1. Robert

    Thank you Theo, your words a very kind. I am sorry for your loss. But as you say, These things are very real. My hope is to guide others to a more healthy life. There are so many wonderful things for seniors if they are healthy. I wish you and your grandparents a very healthy life. Robert

  2. Theo

    Wow! Sometimes you need to address the problem head on and your site does. I recently lost my Great granddad and Great grandmother to some of these conditions.

    These are all very real things that we need to start looking at before it’s to late. I love my grandparents and I don’t want to lose them to. Thank you for this helpful info that I can point out to them now!


  3. Jovan

    Thanks for the great read! I’ve noticed arthritis is pretty common in my family, so it was great to read about it and also get some facts on certain other conditions that may effect my grandparents or my mom soon and how I could help her prevent such cases in the future.

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