1. Robert

    Thanks Mike, I am glad you find value here. And it’s great to hear how you are helping others. Be healthy and we’ll try and keep the information here worth your time. Robert

  2. Mike

    I am a HUGE fitness enthusiasts and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are providing this information to people over 60! With the baby boomers all becoming seniors it’s very important for them to understand health! Especially with the obesity epidemics and the food choices available today. I worked with a young gentlemen (Thomas) with down syndrome and all we could do for exercise was walk and he lost weight! The diet is very important, but even if you don’t change your diet and you add 30 minutes of walking you will lose weight over the year! Keep posting and I will be sure to share your articles! Thanks so much!

  3. Robert

    Thank you Nemira, And you are so right. There are many benefits to walking. The idea of parks and rivers is a good one. I hope others will see your comment and give it a try. Glad you are here.

  4. NemiraB

    Hello here. I think that to walk is a healthy thing for everybody. It does not matter how old or young people are. Movement is the best medicine.
    Did you mention in your article that the walking in the park or somewhere close to nature, such as river or lake calms our senses and mind?
    As I know that is good to walk with bare feet. When we touch a ground with feet, we release negative energy and get positive vibes from the earth. It is best to do it in summer.
    I guess that nowadays people forgot how it feels because nobody walks without shoes.
    Thanks for showing and pointing out benefits of walking, all the best, Nemira.

  5. Robert

    Thank you Roope, Sorry for your lose, but yes, walking is a wonderful exercise. Particularly for seniors. Your point about walking with a friend is so true. It gets people out of the house, away from television and computers. It almost forces us to talk to each other. Thanks for checking in, Robert

  6. Roope

    Thank you for the great article and pointing out the importance of walking for seniors. I remember my grandma went for a walk every single day and she indeed was in a great shape. But then she died in cancer.. It’s just hard to prevent.

    Walking is also quite fun because you can do it with your friend and get the social aspect at the same time as you are “exercising”. 🙂

  7. Robert

    Thanks Andrejs, Not every 60 year old is the same. I saw Joe Montana the other day on TV, he is 59 but looks like he could still play in the NFL. But many have health issues and the information here can help. Hope it helps your mother. Tell her we wish her well. As you say, 60 comes fast. I hope your health stays strong and you continue to ski, be well,Thanks for checking in, Robert

  8. andrejs

    Great post about walking after 60. First I was intention forward it to my mom, she is 85 and definitely, will do. After, a little bizarre, but I already approaching 60 in three years? But I do not feel that not able to run a distant or even easily could make a downhill skiing. So, not every 60-ies is the same.

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