There Are As Many Diets As There Are Readers to This Page



My hope here at Healthy Living After 60 is to inform you on various options available to maintain healthy eating.

What this page will do is reveal just what the various plans, buzz words or practices really mean.

There are three main categories of eating habits.
  1. One driven by the desire to lose weight and keep it off.
  2. One driven by health needs. (Allergies or other conditions)
  3. One driven by desire to exclude certain foods. (Vegetarian and Vegan)

Losing weight.

The key to losing weight is simply reducing calories.

It can be done two ways. Take in less, or burn more.

Taking in less is diet, burning more is exercise.

A typical diet is a combination of both. Many experts advise to begin by taking in less. Get used to the idea of eating less. Included is eating the right things. (eating right but still putting away a six pack every night, won’t get it done)Healthy-living-after-60-healthy foods

Once you have some success in losing weight by reducing calorie intake, you can begin to burn more with exercise. There is no rule here. If you want to attack weight loss by diet and exercise at the same time, have at it. Remember, if you have health challenges, be sure to consult your doctor.


Eating driven by allergies and other conditions

The most common condition has to do with ‘shellfish’. It is one of those things you know you plateau de fruits de merhave. If you have ever had an allergic reaction to eating shrimp, oysters, crab and the other foods in the shellfish category, no one needs to remind you.

Not so easy to diagnose is the allergies associated to glutens. The so called gluten free diet, simply means not eating food products that contain the protein gluten. Gluten is found in the grains wheat, rye, and barley.Healthy-living-after-60-gluten-free

There is a disease known as ‘celiac disease’ where glutens cause damage to the small intestine.

There are however people without the disease who suffer minor symptoms when eating glutens. Here is another example where you need to consult your doctor.

Changing eating habits to avoid glutens can be a challenge. Initially you feel deprived from enjoying foods you like. Because you are accustomed to eating things like wheat products, you must remember that long term health is a priority.

It makes sense to forgo certain foods in order to enjoy what many call the ‘golden’ years.

I know a man who could be the ‘poster boy’ for surviving adversity by following instructions.

Now in his eighties, he has had a couple of heart attacks, two cancer scares, a couple of joint replacements and now lives on dialyses three times a week. It has not stopped this active widower.

He plays golf a couple of times a week. Takes three day cruises squeezed in around his dialyses treatments. He travels several times a year by planning ahead. He always knows where and when he gets his treatment.

My ‘poster boy’ is the perfect example of following instructions. He prepares his own meals and Healthy-living-after-60-cooking-at-homeknows what to eat what not to eat.

One driven by desire to exclude certain foods.

This category includes Vegans and Vegetarians.

Do you know what a vegan actually eats? Or maybe it is better to say, what they don’t eat.

A Vegan is described as one who does not eat (or use) any animal products. Vegans are a variation of vegetarian.  Not only do they not eat meat, they also do not eat eggs, dairy products or anything that is derived from animals.

I once heard the a vegan will not eat anything that has a mother. That pretty much means their food grows from the earth.

Some vegans do not eat products that may have been made using some animal ingredients. Examples will include some sugars and wines.

A vegetarian is the eater that avoids all meat products. That includes beaf, chicken and fish. The major difference between a vegetarian and a vegan is the eating of eggs and dairy products. Vegetarians generally eat them however there are variations called lacto-vegetarians that avoid certain dairy products.