Recommended Vitamins For Seniors – Think Nutrition

When we’re talking about seniors, those of us over 60, Vitamins and nutrition go hand in hand. They need to be treated like one. They need each other.

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The questions should begin with what do you need and how do you get it.

It gets boring. It seems all numbers and values. Let’s try to make some sense of it.

Vitamins and Nutrition

Point number 1. Those over 60 are different. What we all did, or needed, or didn’t need in our youth, no longer applies. Sure we all still need vitamins, but what and how much?

Point number 2. Values of yesterday have changed. FDA’s DV, daily value, was established in 1968. The best value RDA, was established in 2001.

The best number then is RDA. If we see a DV and it’s 100% it may still be wrong. It is the RDA level we wish to meet.Healthy-image-Sample Label

Example: Vitamin A, Adult DV 5,000 – RDA 2,300 female, 3,000 male. [Continue Reading]