1. Robert

    Great words. Our goal here is to offer advice to seniors that they can benefit from. Healthy living begins with healthy eating. Couple that with exercise and knowledge, and the golden years can truly be the best years of our life. Thanks for being here, Robert

  2. Robert

    Your Oh so right Charlotte. Losing weight does boil down to less going in, and more being burned. Portion control is key. That is what Nutrisystem does. Thanks for stopping by and being a part this. Stay healthy, Robert

  3. Robert

    Your mother has a very special daughter to be watching after her. Nutrisystem is a great system for anyone struggling with weight and needs a plan to follow. Thank you for your kind words. Stay healthy, say hi to your mother, Robert

  4. Charlotte

    The Nutrisystem seems a fantastic, balanced way to loose those extra pounds. I have not yet reached my 60’s but I think this ethos can apply to everyone.
    I totally agree that loosing weight is about the volume of food we consume as well as exercise. To have that food planed and made for you must take away all the dieting pitfalls we can all experience.

  5. Julie

    I know exactly where you are coming from. My mother is 65 and she has been having a difficult time keeping weight off for the past decade. I’m really glad I found your page because I definitely will be recommending Nutrisystem to her. Thank you for your comprehensive and helpful review.

  6. Norman

    The information on your website is just what we need, the world as we know it is not doing a real good job when it comes to health issues. We need to know and not only to know but how to better take care off our bodies, many are in the doctors office because of poor health habits.
    your have plenty information here a i can see that time and effort went into this site. Good job.

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