1. Robert

    Hello Carlos, Your grandmother means it when she tells you of the pain. Other than pain relief medicines like Advil, there is little that can be done.

    The diet of not eating pasta and sweets is only a guide. The ingredients of these food may make things worse. That will not be true in all cases.

    If you are looking to lower the risk of arthritis while you are young, protect your joints. Knees, hips, hands, and fingers. That means wearing pads when doing sports. Using sensible precautions at work. If your mother ever told you not to crack your knuckles, this is the reason. Thanks for stopping by, Robert

  2. Carlos Díaz

    Having this condition must be very hard!

    My grandma suffers from it and she tells me that is really torturing sometimes. I don’t know what would I do with that kind of pain and not be able to eat pasta or donuts.

    How can you prevent this kind of condition from a young age?

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