About Me

Hi, my name is Robert and I hope that I will be able to share ideas and insights about managing IMG_0262life in your 60’s.

I arrived at age sixty eight years ago. I was working and doing well. I gave little thought to my health.

Like many of you, my work was physical. I have learned however, those with a seemingly  sedentary life style were no different.  The challenges of being 60 are nearly universal.

The body of us who have made it to sixty, needs a little love. Living healthy after sixty depends greatly on how each of us care for the only body we get.

My health went down hill when I learned I had prostate cancer. My experience, while certainly not unique holds a lot of lessons.

As we get older it makes sense that those we know and spend time with are also older. I found that many of my friends and family over 60 were having similar challenges.

My wife survived breast cancer. While going through treatment she had the added challenge of caring for her mother, an Alzheimers patient‎.

We had several friends and family suffer from various afflictions like cancer, heart attacks and strokes. All a part of  growing old.

So I have survived as has my wife. It is the intent of this site to help others navigate the sometimes dangerous waters of aging.Heatly-living-cancer-survivor

Taking care of ones health is the key ingredient to living well after sixty. Sharing what I have learned, I’ll help guide my fellow seniors through the maze of advancing in age.

I remember the days in my youth when to be sixty seemed to be the sunset of life. I have learned it need not be. Certainly we all know those who are gone. We agree it was way to early.

While this page is said to be ‘about me’, this site is about you. I hope I’ll be able to share the lessons I have learned. Perhaps readers will share comments about the lessons life has shown them.